Elevate Your Chemical Sourcing Experience

with Times Chemicals Pte Ltd

Diverse Product Range

While we specialise in Salt products, we also have an extensive range of products including Food Additives & Ingredients, Industrial Chemicals, as well as Flavours & Fragrances. With a commitment to excellence, we deliver top-tier solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Four Decades of Experience

With a legacy spanning over four decades, Times Chemicals Pte Ltd brings with us a wealth of experience and expertise. Our relationships with our stakeholders are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in our operations. Our clients very often value our ability to meet their urgent demand for extra stock.

Trusted Manufacturers

Times Chemicals Pte Ltd is appointed as the exclusive distributor and representative by our suppliers from China, Europe, Korea and Thailand. We have fostered enduring partnerships built on loyalty and sincerity and this enables us to be a reliable and efficient distributor to our clients.

Global Reach

Catering to national companies and MNCs across Europe, Australia, our influence resonates on a global scale. Through strategic partnerships and unwavering dedication, we've established a profound impact within diverse industries.

Sodium Chloride (SALT)

We specialise in supplying salt products tailored to various industries. Sourced from reputable suppliers globally, our GFSI and Halal-certified salts meet the highest standards

Food Additives
& Ingredients

Explore our extensive range of premium food ingredients, seasonings and additives, ensuring excellence in taste, quality, and satisfaction.

Industrial Chemicals

Discover our comprehensive collection of industrial, laboratory, and maintenance chemicals. We empower your operations with the right solutions precisely when you need them.

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